Sep 02, 2017

SLFP seniors attempting to unite Maithri-Mahinda! Featured

A senior group of SLFPers are preparing to meet President Maithripala Sirisena and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa of the Joint Opposition and convince them that if the party is to be victorious at the next elections, they should all unite as one party.

This group of senior SLFP members had proposed that the SLFP members within the government and the SLFP members representing the Joint Opposition should unite, at the meeting held at the committee room no. 05 pertaining to the new Inland Revenue Act recently.

When asked regarding this proposal, another parliamentarian who participated in this meeting said, when this suggestion was made by a senior SLFP minister, the President had said this discussion could be held after September 03.

Huge issue if they don’t unite!

When asked about this situation, former General Secretary of the UPFA and Senior Minister within the Unity Government, Susil Premajayantha said as the joint agreement las now lapsed, a decision would be made based on the events that had taken place within the unity government during the past two years.

Premajayantha said that if all progressive parties unite in a united alliance as they did during the previous general election, they could definitely win the forthcoming elections. However, he warned that if they fail to unite, all political parties could face an uncertain future.