Professor with the award that was denied to him. Professor with the award that was denied to him.
Sep 02, 2017

Sri Lankan becomes best young scientist of the developing world Featured

More than winning international awards for his inventions and discoveries, it is more rewarding to receive the acknowledgement of the people of this country who have contributed to his education, said the Sri Lankan scientist who won this year’s award for the ‘Best Scientist of the Developing World’.

“It is indeed a great pride and joy for me because I am a person who came from a very humble beginning. I did not study at these so called popular schools,” Professor Rangika Umesh Halwathura said.

The young scientist expressed these sentiments when asked by BBC Sinhala Service about the award he won at the TWAS – The World Academy of Science.

He is currently Sri Lanka’s youngest professor in Engineering Science.

 97638160 patent

The Patent permit Professor Halwathura received this year

“I am delighted to have come this far having studied at a small school in Kalutara and at the Moratuwa University.”

Professor Halwathura’s name was nominated for this award to the World Academy of Science by the National Academy of Science.
This award is presented to young scientists in the areas of bio science, chemical, engineering etc and their research over the past year and focus was also on whether other fields have used their research and taking into consideration all other awards won by these young scientists in the field.

“Apart from winning the award what is more gratifying for me is the opportunity I have received to be able to give something back to those poor people with who’s money I have been able to come to such a standard,” he said.

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Experimenting new inventions

The young professor however, said he was overjoyed that his efforts had been acknowledged and appreciated.

According to Professor Rangika Umesh Halwathura, this award is presented to young scientists under 40 years, of the developing world.  

Environmentally friendly discoveries:

Professor Halwathura has succeeded in receiving two patent certificates this year for Finding sustainable materials.

This was for his new discovery of using an insulation system with bamboo to prevent excessive heat spreading within walls constructed of sand.

He said Kasun Nandapala and Fathima Rizna were also co-inventors.
“I have five patents with regard to sand based products and the most significant among them is the mud concrete block, which was a concrete done by us using soil. It is a concrete stone used for construction of walls,” he explained.

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Experimenting with new houses

In addition, Professor Rangika and his team have also found several methods of preventing heat from spreading through the house through the roof.

His main focus apart from these building materials being affordable, is that these new findings be more environmentally friendly.

“I feel that the Sri Lankan people are rich in attitudes. Hence if we can contribute through these environmentally friendly products, I believe that we can further enrich our people’s attitudes,” he said.

This young scientist was awarded the ‘Most Outstanding Sri Lankan’ award this year while he won the award ‘Siv Siri’ last year.