Aug 19, 2017

Order to arrest Namal? Featured

The police have the authority to arrest MP, Namal Rajapaksa over the incident where he had verbally abused and threatened FCID - SI Shantha Lalith, said the Colombo Additional Magistrate yesterday (18).

The FCID had made a request from Court to issue summons on Namal Rajapaksa to appear in Court.

Colombo Additional Magistrate Chandana Kalansooriya had said the police had the authority to arrest Namal, having taken into consideration the request made by the FCID.

SI Shantha Lalith had lodged a complaint with the IG regarding the manner in which Namal had threatened him in the FCID premises on August 15.

Investigations are under way over  allegations of Namal’s involvement in the misappropriation of around Rs. 70 million in the Indian  Krrish project, while the SI is in charge of the investigation.

The FCID pointed out to Court that based on the witness protection Act, Namal had committed a grave offence.