Aug 16, 2017

FCID to complain against Namal

The FCID is preparing to complain to Court against MP-Namal Rajapaksa for having threatened them yesterday (15), Sri Lanka Mirror reliably learns.

Namal had said, “Your belly is too big, wait till we take over the government and thereafter we will reduce your belly,”  IP Shantha Lalith had complained to higher authorities.

It is reported that it was this officer who had conducted the investigations pertaining to allegations of financial irregularities against Namal, that had taken place during the leasing of 4.3 acres of land for the Krrish Indian construction project in Colombo Fort.

On prior occasions too Namal had told his colleagues to take photos of IP Lalith and harassed him, he said in his complaint to the IG.

Namal has also filed a case seeking compensation of Rs. 400 million from IP Shantha Lalith on charges that he had reported false information against Namal in the Krrish case.

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