Aug 13, 2017

Dog shelter at Dalada Maligawa land opposed! Featured

Animal welfare societies are up in arms against the construction of a dog shelter at a land belonging to Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kanday.

Chairperson of Ray of Hope Sri Lanka Iraki Kodituwakku says dog shelters are a concept of the past.

‘Ririva’ quoted her as questioning as to why Sri Lanka was going backward with a rejected idea.

Kodituwakku notes that stray dogs brought together in one place will fight against each other, easily catch diseases and cause other problems.

She recommends a continued sterilization for five years to control the increasing dog population.

Bitter experiences from Nellikulam

Kodithuwakku recalls the bitter experiences from the dog shelter at Nellikulam, where the animals suffered and died before their eyes.

The facility at Nellikulam was opened on 03 May 2013, on a concept by the then health minister to curb rabies among humans.

But due to opposition by the villagers Ray of Hope Sri Lanka and other animal welfare society intervened and got them released.

From June to December 2013, it sheltered 419, but 251 died and 95 were freed.

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