Aug 10, 2017

French firm Veolia to construct Greater Matale water supply scheme

A massive purified water supply project gets under way in 250 Grama seva divisions in Matale providing benefits for over 350,000 people. 

French firm Veolia has been awarded a Euro 156 million contract by the Sri Lankan National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) for the construction of five new water treatment plants in Sri Lanka.

Veolia, through its subsidiary OTV, was appointed project manager for the construction of the water treatment plants, as well as 12 service reservoirs, five pumping stations and 430km of transmission and distribution pipes.

The new water treatment plants will be constructed in the cities of Matale, Ambangang, Ukuwela, Udatenna and Rattotta.

The total capacity of the treated water will be 75,000 m3 /day and this water will be distributed through a network running over 350km.

The facilities will supply drinking water to more than 350,000 people in the agricultural area of Greater Matale in central Sri Lanka.

Veolia director of global enterprises Claude Laruelle said: “Access to water is a key factor in the growth of cities, their citizens and their economy.

“Today, we see that in Sri Lanka our solutions are helping an entire region’s development by making it more competitive. They are also contributing to fulfilling our mission: resourcing the world,” he added.