Aug 08, 2017

Baby jumbo found from H’tota port in serious condition Featured

A baby elephant aged around three years has been found in the Hambantota port premises in serious condition after swallowing ‘Hakka Patas’, an improvised explosive device.

Veterinarians from the area’s wildlife office and from the Udawalawa ‘Eth Athuru Sevana’ are treating the baby jumbo, after being informed by port officials.

After basic treatment makes it strong enough, it will be taken to ‘Eth Athuru Sevana’ today (08) for further treatment, veterinarians say.

More injuries

Baby jumbo found at H’tota port in serious condition

Owing to injuries to its mouth, the baby jumbo cannot eat, and it also has a wound in the head, possibly a gunshot injury, while it has lost its finger-like tip at the end of its trunk.

Wildlife officer J.A.P. Vijaya Kumara said the baby elephant could have got injured elsewhere.

Around 40 wild elephants are frequenting an un-cleared area of the port, and some of them were seen near where the baby elephant was being treated.

On May 29 last year, a six-month-old elephant was retrieved from a drain at the port premises, but it died at ‘Eth Athuru Sevana’ later.