Aug 06, 2017

Another ex-soldier forced into begging Featured

A soldier injured in the war has been forced into begging to look after his family.

While asking for alms on the streets of Dambulla, A.A. Dhananjaya Buddhika Amarasinghe shows his national identity card, a picture of his passing out parade and several documents he has received from the Army.

The father of one lives at no. 21, Yaya 4, mahasenpura, Giritale.

He says he was in the final war, where he saw many of his colleagues got beheaded, and that he was badly wounded in his head in a fall.

He was admitted to the Army hospital in Anuradhapura, and later permitted to stay at home to continue treatment.

Approval of his leave and the payment of the salary suddenly stopped, Amarasinghe says, adding that when he inquired from top officials of his camp, he was assaulted.

The letters sent him by the Army are contradictory, with one letter saying he has been removed from service within one year, but he has documents to prove that he continued to get approval for his leave and got paid even thereafter.

His wife and child too, are not well, and making matters worse for them, they have no proper place to live either.

Amarasinghe says he wrote to the president about his plight, but nothing happened.

He wants at least the restoration of his salary.

Ex-lance corporal begging on the Matara streets

Previously, the media highlighted another soldier, former Lance Corporal Muthumuni Sirimal Chandana, being forced into begging on the streets of Matara.

He also showed the documents he received from the Army to prove his case.

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