Aug 03, 2017

FCID yet to name suspects in Ford Mustang case Featured

The present owner of a Ford Mustang said to have been imported by MP Namal Rajapaksa with money earned through questionable means has requested the release of the car to her.

Kaduwela magistrate Prasanna Alwis today (03) gave the FCID three weeks to release the vehicle bearing no. SP KS 2929 to W.M. Shanthi.

The FCID seized it on 05 September last year.

Shanthi made the request, noting that the car was rusting at the FCID, as no suspects have so far been named in the case.

At the time the Ford Mustang was seized, a person by the name Harshana Silva claimed ownership, but it later transpired that the owner is Shanthi, the widow of Vijendra Peters alias ‘G Boy’, an underworld figure who was killed in 2004.

Harshana, who is her nephew, has told police that it was through Vijendra’s son Chaminda, who was a racing car driver, that he got to know Namal.

Chaminda too, was shot dead in 2009.

Namal gave a job to the daughter at SriLankan

Thereafter, Namal mediated to get a job for Vijendra’s daughter Chamodi at SriLankan Airlines, where she worked until the end of the Rajapaksa regime.

The car in question was involved in a hit-and-run collision with a three-wheeler on 01 May 2014 at Baseline Road in Narahenpita.

At the time, it had no number plate and after the accident it was taken with STF commando involvement to a garage at Kaduwela.

The three-wheeler driver M.A. Harsha Pushpakumara, who was injured, identified the Ford Mustang at the FCID on 06 September 2016 and gave a statement, in which he said he was not allowed to take legal action.

When this vehicle was imported by Namal with his parliamentary privileges, many irregularities had taken place and he evaded tax payments to the Customs and the treasury.

He has concealed his assets and did not pay income tax, it also transpired.

The factory price of a Ford Mustang is Rs. nine million, and the shipping charges and the Customs charges have to be added. It is 100 per cent if the engine capacity is 2000, 125 pc if the engine capacity is 3000 and 300 pc if the engine capacity is 5000, which is in the racing car category.

The car in question is over 5000 capacity and its CIF price at the time was 100,000 dollars.

Its final value is around Rs. 45 million.

However, an MP’s duty free vehicle permit can buy a vehicle with a 2000 engine capacity and a 50,000 dollar CIF price only.

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