Aug 03, 2017

Stern order over Aloysius’s phone

The Treasury Commission said it was a punishable offence for anyone to try to gain access to Arjun Aloysius’s phone data.

The Attorney General’s Department had notified the Commission that attempts had been made to delete the date from Aloysius’s phone which is currently in the custody of the Commission.

Additional Solicitor General, President’s Counsel Yasantha Kodagoda said the mobile phone of former Central Bank Governor Arjun Mahendran’s daughter had been used to try to delete the data on Aloysius’s phone.

At the recent Commission hearing, the attorney representing Arjun Aloysius, Anuja Premaratne said his client had forgotten the password to his phone.

However, the head of the Commission Supreme Court Judge K.T. Chitrasiri warned that if that is untrue, he could face punishment for contempt of court.

President’s Counsel Yasantha Kodagoda said someone had attempted to gain access to Aloysius’s phone which is in the custody of the commission, through the internet.

Kodagoda requested the Commission to issue an order banning such activities.