Jul 30, 2017

Petroleum workers to strike again? Featured

Petroleum trade unions say they suspect that president Maithripala Sirisena has misled them.

Convener of the CPC trade unions alliance D.J. Rajakaruna said that was because the Hambantota port leasing agreement has now been signed.

At a meeting with the TUs on July 26, the president allowed them to submit their proposals with regard to their grievances, including the H’tota port matter.

The TUs have sent a letter to the president, expressing their suspicion, ahead of another meeting with him due for August 01.

Rajakaruna said they did not know if that meeting has now been cancelled, adding that a decision would be taken with regard to their future course of action.

He also said they were yet to see the agreement that was signed for the H’tota port.

CPC workers struck work last week, and at their meeting with the president, agreed to suspend their union action until August 01.

Island wide protests on Aug. 02

Meanwhile, the anti-SAITM Janapavura Movement says it will stage agitations island wide on August 02, which it has declared as a national day of protest.

It demands the abolition of SAITM and is against the privatization of state resources, postponement of elections, ETCA agreement and the missing persons act.

Convener of the TUs alliance of the National Water Board Upali Ratnayake said all parties in the joint opposition, JVP, professional associations, other TUs and student movements would take part in this protest campaign.