Nov 10, 2016

Chinese donation for Buddhist temples in north-east Featured

The government has decided to spend more than Rs. 20 million to uplift Buddhist religious places in the northern and eastern provinces, reports.

As per a cabinet decision, lavatory facilities will be improved at these places on a Rs. 20.24 donation by a Buddhist monk, who is the chairman of a Buddhist association in China’s Guandong province.

The move comes amidst calls to suspend the construction of Buddhist places in areas in the two provinces where there are no Buddhists.

Not enough patrons

A main demand by the ‘Eluga Thamil’ Tamil protest campaign in September said the construction of temples and statues with state and military patronage in areas without a Buddhist presence was futile.

Confirming that, the government has said there were not enough Buddhist patrons to maintain the religious places built after the war in the north and the east.


Buddha statue in Muslim village?

Meanwhile, a tense situation arose at the Ampara district development coordinating meeting on November 07 over the placing of a Buddha statue on an attendant Stupa at the Digawapi sacred area.

Deputy minister Mohamed Manzur said that should not have been done, as it was located in a Muslim village, that could harm good governance and reconciliation.

Minister Daya Gamage protested, saying all were bound to abide by the constitutional precedence to Buddhism.

He said he was prepared to resign from his ministerial position if the placing of a Buddhist statue harmed good governance and reconciliation as claimed.


BTF NaviPillaI 600pxBTF book handed over

Meanwhile, the British Tamil Forum handed over a book detailing the Buddhist religious places in Tamil areas, to former UNHRC chief Navi Pillai at the 39th anniversary meeting of the Lanka Tamil Association in Michigan, USA at the weekend.