Jul 22, 2017

Joint Opposition splits up! Featured

The Joint Opposition is facing the risk of splitting up due to internal conflicts, according to inside sources.

One of the reasons that had led to this decision is the proposal for the Joint Opposition to leave the Constitutional Council.

According to information received, some of the Freedom Front members and SLFP members within the Joint Opposition have pressured the leadership to leave the Constitutional Council.

However, others in the JO believe that they should remain within the Constitutional Council in order to oppose any proposal that would be harmful to the country.

Therefore, a group of senior SLFP members had requested Wimal Weerawansa and others of the NFF not to leave the Constitutional Council.

However, not having paid heed to their requests, Weerawansa and a group of NFF members had tendered their resignation from the Constitutional Council to the Speaker.

Further tension has arisen within the JO with Polonnaruwa JO member Roshan Ranasinghe, announcing his resignation from the JO, sources revealed.

Discussions to join the government:

duminda dissanayakeMeanwhile, SLFP General Secretary Minister Duminda Dissanayake said a group of JO MPs are in discussion to join the government.

He said the group comprising several prominent JO members have expressed support to the President and is willing to join the President at any given time.

These MPs are said to be fed up with the Rajapaksa family control over the party, Dissanayake said.

He said this group that is vehemently opposing the split up of the SLFP have held several rounds of discussions with the President and the party seniors.

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