Jul 20, 2017

‘Pay attention to patient-mosquito link’ Featured

A main reason for the failure to curb dengue fever is the lack of attention paid by health authorities to the connection between the patient and the virus-carrying mosquito, said Dr. K.M. Wasantha Bandara.

Knowledge of medical science is not essential to curb epidemics, and even those who studied science for their advance levels are capable of understanding it, he said.

For example, if dengue mosquitoes were prevented from biting the people, there will be no new dengue patients after one week, he noted.

Also, prevent mosquito bites of all dengue patients, and there will be no new patients after five week either, he said.

Knowing and using that basic is as important as preventing the breeding of mosquitoes, he said.

However, a visit to hospitals and a look at the method of treatment makes it clear that nothing of that sort has been given consideration, said Dr. Bandara.