Jul 19, 2017

Dhammika Perera’s influence in two banks revealed

Details of influence still wielding by Dhammika Perera ,the quintessential strategist and business specialist in Sri Lanka on Pan Asia and Sampath Banks even after his stepping down from directorship of these banks have been revealed.

In a letter to Central Bank Governor, Dr.Indrajit Coomaraswamy, a group of Central Bank employees noted that Dhammika Perera is still giving orders to these two banks in its day today functions using stooges deployed in those banks.

These CB employees requested the Governor to find out as to how these two banks had given loan facilities amounting to Rs. 6 billion to businessmen Dilith Jayaweera’s Colombo land liberty Plaza and Citrus hotel projects violating CB regulations.

The EPF has been made to buy shares his Vallibel one company using this business magnets influence, they alleged.

Mr . Perea has collected a vast sum of money from the people through public offering to build seven star hotel in Negambo and there was no hotel even after five years of the public offering, they alleged.