Jul 18, 2017

Harin lied about Google Loon project funding Featured

The Google Loon project has cost Rs. 9,872,538.20 of public money contrary to claims that no local funding has been made to provide internet facilities at a low cost.

Newsfirst.lk has reported various irregularities surrounding this failed project.

That includes the formation of a company by the name Rama to obtain transmission frequencies.

Subject minister Harin Fernando had been saying that not a cent of taxpayers’ money had gone to fund the project.

However, Rs. 450,000 had been spent for the project launch that took place at Temple Trees.

Also, a private company was paid Rs. 2,830,500 to produce videos in the Sinhala and Tamil languages, and Rs. 3.5 million spent on three documentaries.

A further Rs. 934,065 was spent on a video on ICTA, while a Rs. 2,157.973.20 payment was made to a private firm for coordinating the function.


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