Jul 14, 2017

Forest conservation pilot project gets underway Featured

The Sri Lanka Forest Conservation Programme is to be launched following the comprehensive studies undertaken by US experts in Ratnapura area.

The Sri Lanka Program for Forest Conservation (SLPFC), a Yale-based project headed by F&ES Prof. Mark Ashton is now carrying out a postgraduate fellowship program that provides practical and professional development experience in tropical forest conservation.

The first three fellows, Blair Rynearson ’15 M.F., Logan Sander ’15 M.F., and Laura Lutttrell have been in Sri Lanka since October last year.

These details were revealed in Yale school of Forestry and environmental studies report.

The Sri Lanka Program for Forest Conservation is devoted to research, education and extension of tropical forest conservation in southwestern Sri Lanka. It has several endowed programs that enable faculty, doctoral, masters and undergraduate students from the Universities of Sri Jayewardenepura, Peradeniya, Uva Wellassa and Yale to study tropical forest conservation at a field station located in the village of Pitekele and the adjacent Sinharaja MAB World Heritage Forest

The research team has already set up a “traditional” home garden in Pitikele.

The approach to designing this garden borrowed heavily from their experiences with permaculture design, professional forestry and gardening experience in US and other countries.

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