Jul 14, 2017

Court prohibits politics at Abhayaramaya Temple

The Colombo District Court today (14), issued an interim injunction prohibiting political activities from being conducted at the Sri Abhayaramaya Temple in Narahenpita.

Colombo District Judge Sujeewa Nissanka  issued the order when a petition filed by Venerable Pathberiye Vimalagnana Thera was taken up for consideration  today.

Accordingly, this interim order will be in force during the course of the case proceedings.

Filing this petition, Ven. Pathberiye Vimalagnana Thera pointed out that the post of Chief Incumbent of the Abhayaramaya temple should be given to him.

He said Ven. Muruththetuwe Ananda Thera is holding onto the post of Chief Incumbent of the temple illegally. According to Vimalagnana Thera, allowing political and trade union activities to take place at the temple is a violation of Buddhist principals and it will only lead to Buddhism being ridiculed by the public.
Hence the petition was filed seeking Court to consider the facts presented and issue the interim injunction to the Chief Incumbent of the temple, Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Thera to halt all political activities at the Abhayaramaya.

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