Jul 14, 2017

Anti-corruption activism, a big joke – Kusal Perera Featured

Anti-corruption activism is a big joke, as corruption cannot be curbed through irrespective of whatever act is brought to parliament as long as the open economic system prevails, political analyst and senior journalist Kusal Perera says.

He is making comments to Sri Lanka Mirror when asked about a proposed parliamentary act to form a bureau to investigate serious acts of fraud and corruption.

Perera noted that the Bribery Commission had filed court action in the past 15 years not against the major fraudsters, but against the minions, and said that businessmen were the ones who were funding political parties.

Various movements and organizations that contributed to the formation of the present regime cannot evade from that reality, according to him.

Acts against corruption or the abolition of the executive presidency will not curb corruption, he said, adding that unlike during the Rajapaksa regime, it was not the executive, but under the powers of the prime minister that corruption and fraud are taking place.

Police are to be given unlimited powers to investigate serious fraud and corruption under the bureau to be set up on a decision by the president and the PM.

Perera noted the police did not need extra powers to investigate, as they already had the opportunity to complete an investigation satisfactorily.

He added that these were cheap gimmicks to appease both parties in the government which clashed at the July 04 cabinet meeting.