Nov 08, 2016

‘Rajitha is silent, as Nestea, Nescafe harm public health’ Featured

Nestea and Nescafe, which contain chemicals harmful to humans, continue to be sold at hospitals despite the health minister and other relevant authorities being informed several times, says the national movement for the protection of consumer rights.

The movement accuses the health minister of having no knowledge or understanding of his subjects, and says he goes on making comments about irrelevant subjects, while the public is forced to consume poison.

In a statement, the movement’s president Ranjith Vithanage says Senaratne seems interested in Jaffna’s ‘Ava group’, but shows no concern about the people being poisoned by companies that earn big profits.

This gives rise to suspicion that these companies are being aided by certain politicians, Vithanage says.

Nestle and other companies are causing harm that is similar in extent to the harm done by the ‘Ava group’, he charges.

Also questioning the silence of MP Athuraliye Rathana Thera who campaigns for ‘food free of poison’, he says his movement will take to the streets to protect consumers’ rights.