‘Nothing to hide, values  self-respect above all’ ‘Nothing to hide, values self-respect above all’
Jul 06, 2017

Will remain fully committed even if portfolio is changed - Sagala Featured

Sagala Ratnayake claims he has fulfilled more than 100 per cent of the responsibilities he has been given in his role as the law and order minister, by president Maithripala Sirisena.

Even if that role is changed and new responsibilities are given, those too, would be fulfilled 100 pc, he told journalists at Temple Trees today (06).

Ratnayake said law enforcement agencies have been allowed to function independently and that he had never interfered with their affairs.

He was asked about an allegation by the president at the cabinet meeting two days ago that there were serious questions over law enforcement.

The minister responded by saying that he would refer that question to the three cabinet spokesmen who were entrusted with announcing cabinet matters to the media for their answer.

Dislike violating the law

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Always abided by the law

He went onto say that he always abided by the law and that he disliked violating the law.

Noting the government expected its agencies to carry out their duties independently, he said a post-review of that process would be introduced if necessary.

Values self-respect above all

Asked about bringing wrongdoers before the law, he Ratnayake said the president and the prime minister appointed the ministers and he took his oaths before the president.

Obtaining a ministerial position is not his right, but getting elected to parliament from people’s vote and his MP seat are his right, he added.

He noted that he had nothing to hide and that he valued self-respect above all.

He said he would, with permission from the president and the PM, convene a media briefing especially to answer journalists’ questions about what had transpired at the last cabinet meeting.