‘All are people of this country’ ‘All are people of this country’
Jul 06, 2017

‘Returning north land - no threat to security’ Featured

National security will not be threatened by returning civilian land acquired during the war, says new Army commander Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake.

He was speaking to the media after assuming duties as the 22nd chief of the Army at its headquarters yesterday (05).

All are people of this country. It is incumbent upon the government and the Army to find solutions to prevailing issues, he said.

During the period of operations, land in the north and the east were acquired. Thereafter, a period of observation came. Now, we know what is happening in the land. So, we will release the land excepting the nerve-centres and essential camps. That is not a threat to security according to our observations, said Lt. Gen. Senananayake.

Decisions in this regard should be taken only by those who know the subject – basically the military. Others cannot raise this in various platforms.

Vigneswaran, a good friend

North chief minister C.V. Vigneswaran is a good friend of ours. He may have various opinions due to his political requirements. We have, or will, not become disturbed by them, he said.

The new Army chief assured that there will be no war in the country again, but that if such an eventuality occurred, the military are prepared to take necessary action. No one should have any fears on that account.

The Army has nothing to do with politics, he added.

No IS threat

When questioned by journalists over possible IS attacks in Sri Lanka, he said no such threat has so far been reported. The military is on alert to face anything, he said.