‘Refute the war crime charges, but….. ‘Refute the war crime charges, but…..
Jul 05, 2017

New Army chief says will support war crimes probe Featured

As an officer who was at the battlefront, newly-appointed Army commander Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayke says he refutes war crimes allegations, but says that he will support any investigation.

After assuming duties this morning (05) he answered questions posed by BBC Sinhala Service.

Referring to the Army’s not cooperating with investigations into assaults of journalists using Army intelligence officers, he said he would never protect wrongdoers.

He noted that soldiers were bound by the military law as well as the penal code, and would be punished twice for the same offence.

Any such wrongdoer should be brought before the law, the Army chief said.

Fled the country

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Felt a family’s importance when he had to flee Army, country

He said he felt the importance of his family when he was forced to leave the Army which he served for 30 years as well as the country for his protection.

He fled the country during the 2010 presidential election contested by former Army commander Sarath Fonseka, and returned to the country and the Army only after the 2015 regime change.

Never politically victimized

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I never criticized country or decisions taken

He said he never criticized the country or the decisions taken, and said he was never politically-victimized as he was not involved in politics, adding that he was a victim of the situation that prevailed in the country at the time.

Lt. Gen. Senanayake advised everybody to be patient, stressing that opportunities would arise and that fate would take them to their targets.