Jul 02, 2017

Foolish to defeat govt. - Sumanthiran Featured

TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran calls for the releasing of the interim reports that have been prepared for a new constitution immediately.

It is unwise to defeat a government that had been appointed with the intention of getting the national issue solved, he also says, adding that solutions should be found while supporting the government.

He told the media at his Jaffna home that the main hope of the Tamils was to resolve the national issue, for which the existing constitution should be replaced.

So far, there are no signs that the new constitution would be one that would not resolve that problem, said Sumanthiran.

He said the TNA was supporting the government, comprising the two main parties, to formulate a new constitution.

The MP refuted allegations his party had neglected the Tamil people and was supporting the government.

Among its achievements gained for the Tamils are the return of land to some who had lost them to the war and freedom for some of the arrested, he said, adding that their objectives could be achieved only if it remained together with the government.