Jul 02, 2017

Battery cage method produces 3.3 million surplus eggs Featured

Around 3.3 million eggs go waste each day due to the increasing use of battery cages to rear egg-laying hens, it has come to light.

According to the Sri Lanka Egg Producers Association, the country’s daily egg requirement is around 6.5 million.

Before battery cages came into being, the daily production was eight million eggs, for a surplus production of 1.5 million eggs, it says.

However, hens in battery cages are now giving 10.3 million eggs every day.

If seven million eggs are consumed a day, there is a surplus production of 3.3 million eggs.

This situation is threatening a closure of poultry farms, it says, and wants an immediate ban imposed on the importation of battery cages.

At last week’s cabinet meeting, this matter was raised by Dayasiri Jayasekara and was discussed at length.