Jun 30, 2017

'Families of the Disappeared' writes to President

Submitting a letter to President Maithripala Sirisena, the President of the Families of the Disappeared, Brito Fernando said his organisation was pleased that the President had agreed to reveal the truth to the families of those who had disappeared and compensate their families. He pointed out that they only had faith in a government under the leadership of the President to fulfil the promises made to these families.

Following is the letter:

Dear President,

"Families of the Disappeared” ( FoD ) is an organization involved against the disappearances since 1989.
We were very glad to hear that the "Yahapalana Government " has agreed to tell the truth, do justice and compensate the families of the disappeared, making sure it will not happen again.
We were in praise of you and your Government's courage to introduce the OMP bill in parliament and get it approved amidst strong opposition from the so called " Joint Opposition" although the OMP is yet not functioning.
The JVP amendment was also passed on 21st of June. Months have passed since the passing of the Act in Parliament, yet due to non assigning of powers of the Act to a minister, it is non operational.
It is the only government under your leadership that can fulfill these promises given to the family members of the disappeared.
We request you to assign the powers to a minister and keep the OMP moving. That is the only hope for the family members who are continuously suffering and eagerly waiting to know what happened to their loved ones.
We hope that you will not betray them as Mahinda Rajapaksha, who was once the hero of the families of the disappeared did.