Jun 28, 2017

Dayasiri wants battery cage hen rearing stopped Featured

Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara made a request at yesterday’s (27) cabinet meeting to stop the use of battery cages for the rearing of egg-laying hens.

He said confining four hens in an A-4 space was injurious, as 32,000 hens could be confined to an 80-perch space under this method.

To house that much of hens normally will require a five-acre land, he said.

harisonHarrison objects

Rural economic affairs minister P. Harrison refused a request by Jayasekara to stop importing battery cages, and said the method needed to continue for at least another five years.

Kabir Hashim too, objected, noting a large number of people were making a living by rearing hens under this method.

The egg producers association alleges Kabir’s relatives are involved in battery cage farming and hence is his objections.

Economic development committee to take a decision

Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe decided the economic development committee would look into the matter and take a decision.

A battery cage is 600 feet long and 40 feet wide and has three decks.

Importation of a battery cage costs around Rs. 16,000,000.

The construction cost of a building to house the battery cage is between Rs. 7.5 million and Rs. 10 million, while another Rs. 1.5 million is needed for its installation.


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