‘What wrong have I committed to lead a partially-invalid’s life?’ ‘What wrong have I committed to lead a partially-invalid’s life?’
Jun 20, 2017

Poddala inquires if he is a traitor Featured

Journalist Poddala Jayantha is inquiring if he has committed any wrong to lead the life of a partially-invalid today with one leg joined together with several plates, after fighting with slogans and with his pen.

He was speaking to the media today (20) after lodging a complaint to the CID, seeking a proper investigation into his abduction and assault in June 2009.

After the abductors dumped him by the roadside, he had to receive residential treatment at Colombo National Hospital for nearly one month for several broken bones.

The then secretary of the Working Journalists Association fled the country thereafter to save his life.

Now, he has returned home.

Speaking further to journalists, Jayantha said no proper investigation had been conducted into his abduction at the time.

He said that when he had lodged a complaint, he was asked by email to furnish the number of the white van that had been used to abduct him.

He said he had replied that a vehicle that would come for a kidnapping would not use its real number.

He requested the president to appoint a commission to punish those who were responsible for all crimes against media personnel in the past.

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A protest in 2009

Jayantha inquired if he was a traitor, as alleged by the state media at the time, to have written many investigative articles about tax frauds at Inland Revenue, Customs, Excise and other state institutions, for the welfare of the public.

He said the articles he had written were intended for the betterment of the country.