Jun 18, 2017

Journalist quizzed for having exposed tax evasions, extortion! Featured

‘Sathhanda’ journalist Sanjaya Liyanage was summoned to the Bribery Commission on June 16 in connection with his revelations of irregularities allegedly committed by commissioner general Kalyani Dassanayake and other officials of the Inland Revenue Department.

The Commission is investigating an anonymous complaint about a racket by certain officials of the Department in which they get the newspaper to reveal the identities of the businessmen who have evaded paying taxes and then summon them to the Department to extort money.

Liyanage was questioned by the Commission about his sources for information, including tax file numbers, with regard to the frauds and corruption taking place in the Department, and inquired from him about certain of its officials by name.

However, he refused to divulge his sources and rejected the complaint against his newspaper.

Kalyani Dasanayake
Wealthy businessmen aided in tax evasion

He was questioned for around three hours based on an anonymous complaint, whereas the newspaper has revealed with clear evidence the billions of rupees of tax fraud taking place with the direct involvement of the Department’s chief Dassanayake.

However, no investigation is forthcoming with regard to the tax defaulters and the errant officials.

In the meantime, five leading trade unions in the Department have referred the very same fraud revelations to the chairman of COPA, including their DG’s involvement.