Amazing answer from police to Poddala’s request Amazing answer from police to Poddala’s request
Jun 17, 2017

Attempt to mask Poddala’s abduction investigations! Featured

Senior journalist Poddala Jayantha who had requested the IGP to expedite the investigations pertaining to his abduction by white van during the previous regime, where he was severely assaulted and dumped by the roadside, had received a baffling response from the police.

The letter sent to the IG had been forwarded to the DIG in charge of the Colombo division and he had subsequently forwarded it to the SSP in charge of the Nugegoda, Mirihana area.

Thereafter the SSP in return had emailed Poddala Jayantha to forward to him the registration number of the van in which he was abducted and any other detail regarding his abduction incident.

In response, Poddala Jayantha had emailed the said SSP notifying him that had he known the registration number of the van that was used in his abduction, his media colleagues would have found the perpetrators by now.


Who would use a vehicle with the real number plates for an abduction?

Poddala said, being a senior police officer with experience, the SSP should surely have some knowledge that no one engaging in such abductions would use the real number plates in the vehicle they use.

Poddala had written to the IG as there had been some suspicion if those who had abducted and assaulted Keith Noyahr were also involved in Poddala’s abduction.
Accordingly, Poddala is also expected to lodge a complaint with the CID in this regard.