Jun 17, 2017

JVP response to Facebook allegations Featured

The JVP states that they are ready to reveal the names and identities of those involved in the mudslinging campaign launched against them over social media.

According to a JVP spokesman, a group opposing the JVP was behind this mudslinging campaign and a large amount of money has been invested for this vicious attack in order to destabilise the public support the party is currently receiving.

The party stated that they are willing to accept constructive criticism at any time but rejects malicious criticism levelled against them with ulterior motives. The party is also ready to accept innovative policies and has no fear or uncertainly regarding it.

However, the spokesman added that the party did not intend to give explanations to those who are maliciously criticising the party but they intend to counter all false allegations levelled against them through their future undertakings and actions.

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Mudslinging at those completely uninvolved in party politics

Recently, social media was flooding with gossip about JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s personal life.

Several persons who had fraudulently entered the private wedding ceremony of a close relative of Dissanayake had taken photographs and released them to social media sites with the intention of tarnishing the image of the JVP.

This malicious attack targeting persons totally unconnected to party politics, was carried out with the connivance of anti JVP factions.