Jun 17, 2017

Twenty Two new diplomatic appointments on the cards Featured

The Foreign Ministry is in the process of appointing new diplomats to take over the vacancies created with the terms of 22 Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consul Generals ending within the next few months.

The official term of the Ambassadors in the United States, Germany and Iran have ended but they will remain in their positions until replacements are made.

Meanwhile, it is reported that all 22 High Commissioners, Ambassadors and Consul Generals who’s terms are ending, are not members of the foreign service.

Some of these appointments were filled by retired Foreign Service officials while one appointment was filled by the Commerce Department.

According to Foreign Ministry records, 66 Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consul Generals are serving in diplomatic missions.

Among them, 38 are not members of the Foreign Service and only 28 of them are from the Foreign Service.

Due to a dearth in Foreign Service personnel, outsiders had to be appointed to fill the vacancies, according to Foreign Ministry sources.

Only the President and Foreign Minister have the powers to appoint members to the diplomatic corps.