Jun 17, 2017

Racism case filed against ‘Divaina’ Featured

A group of lawyers are preparing to file a case against the Divaina newspaper under the Victims and Witnesses Protection Act and laws against racial instigation.

The reason for this group of lawyers to file the case against the newspaper was due to them highlighting all attacks on Muslims and Gnanasara Thera in publishing an article regarding the Rathupaswela incident.

Last week Divaina journalist Saman Gamage was summoned by the Gampaha Magistrate for publishing factually incorrect reports.

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"Newspapers inciting racial disharmony found"

Meanwhile, police had discovered newspapers and pamphlets inciting racial tensions in a shop belonging to one of the two suspects who were arrested in connection with the mosque attack in Kurunegala.

Issuing a statement the Police Headquarters said copies of the ‘Sinhale’ newspaper including other papers and pamphlets and posters were discovered from the shop belonging to one of the suspects located at Wellawa road last Thursday (15).

The statement further stated that these materials were produced in Court by the Kurunegala Police and further investigations in this regard were currently under way.

The two suspects were arrested last Thursday after lengthy investigations over the petrol bomb attack on a mosque in Mallawapitiya on 21 May, and they were remanded until June 19.