Jun 16, 2017

Local consultant staff demands Chinese team leader’s removal Featured

The local consultant staff of the project for the extension of the southern expressway has demanded the replacement of the Chinese team leader for the project with a person conversant with the role and responsibilities of the position.

The staff has written to China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Co. Ltd., noting its failure to take action with regard to the team leader over his unprofessional behaviour, which the staff has described in detail in a previous letter.

In their letter, the local staff says they have unanimously decided to resign from the project with immediate effect if no action is taken against the team leader for the betterment of the project.

It says the decisions taken by the team leader without the employer’s consent will definitely have an adverse effect on the project in terms of cost and time overrun.

Despite the previous complaint, no positive action or at least an investigation had been carried out against the team leader over his misconduct and adamant behaviour.

As a result, he deliberately avoids communication with the local consultant staff and has started to work in isolation, according to the letter.

The most recent incident is that the quantity surveyor of the local consultant staff had been removed at his request without an inquiry despite his honest and accomplished work, the letter says.

Copies of the letter have been sent to the minister and the secretary of the Highways Ministry and chairman and the director general of the Road Development Authority among others.

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