Aluthgama attack Aluthgama attack
Jun 12, 2017

Arrested suspect closely linked with BBS - police Featured

The person arrested in connection with four recent attacks on business establishments owned by Muslims is an active member of Bodu Bala Sena, according to police.

The suspect has had close connections with BBS general secretary Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thera and had actively taken part in a protest in Borella against arresting the Thera, police spokesman DIG Priyantha Jayakody told the media yesterday (11).

He has become a BBS member in 2014 and has been taking part in all its activities since and has had close links with pocket groups of the organization as well, said Jayakody.

BBS rejects accusation

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Dilantha Withanage & Gnanasara Thera

However, BBS CEO Dilantha Withanage strongly rejects the claims by the police spokesman.

Just because a person visits the BBS office or takes part in its meetings, he or she cannot be a member of the organization, Withanage says in a statement.

He goes onto say that BBS is not an organization with a membership or a membership recruitment method.

Withanage accuses certain Muslim politicians and extremist groups of propping up a public image against BBS and its general secretary.

He condemns attempts to arrest Gnanasara Thera and says theirs is an organization that works within the democratic framework, though it has the strength to resort to extremism.

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