Jun 11, 2017

Govt. interferes with freedom of publication! Featured

The government is allegedly interfering with a book of poems titled ‘Thamilar Bhoomi’ (Tamils’ Land) written by Deepachelvan Pradeepan.

The author has sent the book to India’s Edir Publishers for printing, and it has sent two copies back by airmail for proof-reading purposes.

However, the Customs office in Jaffna has imposed a temporary ban on the book, with its director informing Pradeepan that it would be looked into if the book would threaten national reconciliation.

The author says the book describes land-grabbing in the north and related political interference, destruction of the evidence, land takeovers by the military after the war and the people’s struggle to win back the land.

A top official of the Customs head office said he was unaware of such a matter.

However, director of government information Dr. Ranga Kalansooriya said he had received a copy of the book in question and that he released it after finding nothing controversial in it.

However, Pradeepan was yet to be informed about it.