Jun 10, 2017

Complaint to President regarding two Ministers who paid salaries to MPs Featured

A group of SLFP MP’s are preparing to lodge a complaint with the President and call for an investigation regarding two UNP ministers who have been paying additional salaries running into hundreds of thousands monthly to UNP backbenchers and others, ‘Deshaya’ newspaper reported.

It is reported that among the investigations called for by these SLFP ministers are; on what grounds have these UNP ministers paid these MPs and others another salary in addition to their MP salaries paid to them by the government? Has the government funds been utilised for this additional payment? If so on what grounds?

The group of SLFP members have also called for the President to investigate the fact that if this money was not allocated by the government for the additional payment, how these UNP ministers got so much money for this additional exorbitant payment.

However, according to a senior SLFP minister taking the lead in calling for this investigation, a list of MPs, ministry secretaries and private secretaries receiving this additional payment has been obtained.

He said this list would also be forwarded to the President together with the complaint and added that it will soon be revealed publicly in parliament as well.
It was revealed recently that the new Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera had suspended all such additional payments being paid by his ministry.