Jun 08, 2017

Electronic media becomes public nuisance at Ruwanweli Stupa (pics) Featured

Certain electronic media have become a nuisance for pilgrims to Ruwanweli Stupa in Anuradhapura on Poson Poya day today (08), according to our correspondents there.

The loudspeakers in the vicinity have mostly been making announcements since 7.00 am about persons who have gone missing while on pilgrimage.

The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, Vishwa Srawani and Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation are responsible for those announcements.

Also, a certain television channel has erected a big screen at the entry to the Stupa and carrying out its propaganda activities.

Dr. Pragith Witharana, a doctor from Colombo has especially visited the religious place together with his mother in order for her to observe Sil, said his mother had to go back due to the disturbances caused there.