Jun 08, 2017

North PC grieves over south people Featured

The northern provincial council has grieved over the floods and landslides that mainly affected the majority Sinhalese and the extremist attacks on Muslims and Christians in the south, according to radiogagana.com.

At a meeting on June 06, the NPC adopted a resolution, which is a first, that condemns continuous attacks against Muslims and Sinhala-speaking Christians and calls for immediate government action to prevent such attacks and to establish law and order.

Mksivajilingam 670px 08 06 17 

Fear if this is the beginning of another genocide….

TNAs’ M.K. Sivajilingam, moving the resolution, expressed fear if this was the beginning of another genocide.

He accused a handful of Sinhalese of being behind these attacks and asked the central government to bring those responsible to book irrespective of their positions and to establish the safety of the public.

UPFA member supports

Agreeing with the resolution, UPFA’s V. Jayatilake said he condemned attempts by a certain group to create racial and religious disunity in the country again.

Several foreign diplomatic missions have urged the government to punish those behind the attacks, with a leading religious organization claiming 190 attacks on Christian religious places since the present government took over.