Jun 08, 2017

Army will be given the job, if police fail – president Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena warns top officials in the police that if they fail to take appropriate action with regard to racial and religious clashes, they will be relieved of those responsibilities.

Also, Army intelligence will be entrusted with the duties if police fail to prevent continuous planned attacks on Muslim business establishments that are aimed at inconveniencing the government, he says.

He was responding to remarks made by UNP’s Mujibur Rahuman at a meeting yesterday (07) of the government parliamentary group.

Mujibor Rahman
Muslims frightened again…

Rahuman said a group of religious extremists attacked 22 Muslim businesses in recent days.

Rishad Bathiudeen and Harsha de Silva too, expressed views at the meeting convened to discuss the recent disaster and the future government plans.

De Silva said two such incidents had taken place in his electorate in the past two days, and requested the president to investigate and take immediate action.

Rahuman said Muslims were now facing the same frightening situation they had experienced during the final years of the Rajapaksa regime, and said that such a situation under the present administration could not be condoned.

Mahinda-loyalists are responsible

Listening patiently and approvingly to their complaints, president Sirisena strongly criticized top police officials for their failure to deal with the matter.

He said a group with links to his predecessor was responsible for these racial and religious clashes aimed at inconveniencing the government, but that the police were keeping silent.