Jun 03, 2017

CEB seeks funds from Treasury to cover Suresh’s electricity bill Featured

The CEB has requested the Treasury to provide Rs. 52 billion for electricity purchased from the private sector over the past six months.

It is reported that the major portion of the dues are for electricity purchased from former billionaire tennis player Suresh Subramanian who owns Aggreco.   

The main reason that prompted the CEB to purchase power from the private power suppliers was that the 300 MW capacity power generation machine at the Norochcholai Power plant had broken down in October 2015 and was out of commission for a long period of time.  

Thirteen million to Norochcholai- 23 million to Suresh

As a result, power had to be purchased from three private power suppliers.

Accordingly, Aggreco is paid Rs. 23 per unit of power supplied. On the other hand Norochcholai produces a unit of power for only Rs. 13.

The Public Utilities Commission wants rates checked

However, the Treasury had requested the PUCSL to check on the rates given by the CEB prior to making the claimed payment and forward a report.

Hence, it is reported that the PUCSL is currently in the process of checking the available records of the CEB I this regard.