Jun 03, 2017

Special Supreme Court – fraud, corruption cases to be completed in two years Featured

The government has decided to establish a special Supreme Court in order to hear all cases of corruption and fraud alleged to have taken place during the previous regime.

One of the main election pledges given by the current government was to bring those found guilty of corruption and fraud during the previous Rajapaksa regime to book. However, so far not a single case has been tried and completed.

Hence, legal experts have pointed out to the President, Prime Minister and senior government ministers, the importance of setting up such a Court to complete these cases within two years.

Therefore, taking these recommendations into consideration, the government has decided to establish this special Supreme Court and try these impending cases one after the other.

People losing faith..

The Chief Justice has the power to set up such a Court on the request made by the Justice Minister according to the Judicature Act.
The Justice Minister will be making this request soon on the advice of the government heads, said a senior official of the Presidential Secretariat.

However, our attempts to contact Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe for a comment in this regard proved futile.
The civil organisations in the country have pointed out that the government’s failure to bring to book those guilty of fraud and corruption under the Rajapaksa regime, was tarnishing the trust the people have in the government.