Jun 02, 2017

‘Enforce the law to prevent communal, religious clashes’ Featured

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka calls upon the IGP to enforce the law appropriately to prevent communal and religious clashes.

It also wants the attorney general to speed up legal action against persons accused in such instances.

The association has decided to raise public awareness about the legal provisions to prevent communal and religious clashes.

Meanwhile, the European Union has emphasized the importance of the rule of law and called for prompt action to ensure that perpetrators of hate crimes were swiftly brought to justice.

EU Ambassador Tung-Laï Margue said: “Sri Lankans know all too well the consequences of religious and ethnic hatred. These reprehensible actions are intended to sow discord at a time when national reconciliation and tolerance is moving forward.”

“It is important that the government and the police ensure that there is no impunity for hate crimes. It is important that religious communities are at the forefront of efforts to promote understanding and oppose the spreading of hate.”

The heads of mission of the EU, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa and Switzerland together with other diplomatic representatives have visited the Dewatagaha Mosque to meet leaders of the Muslim community.