‘Justice was not done for victims of the Wellawatte building collapse’ ‘Justice was not done for victims of the Wellawatte building collapse’
Jun 01, 2017

Champika calls for people’s movement against unauthorized constructions Featured

Megapolis and western development minister Patali Champika Ranawaka calls for the formation of a people’s movement against unauthorized constructions.

He made the call after inspecting the fatal collapse of a building at Wellawatte a few days ago.

Minister Ranawaka said a campaign was required against the blocking of the flowing water, clearing of hills and unauthorized settlements, and said that persons involved in such activities were living on the graves they have dug for themselves.

He regretted that the person responsible for the Wellawatte incident had obtained bail within a short period even without being remanded.

Noting that the dead were helpless people, he said justice was not done to them, and requested the judiciary to be reasonable by the people when taking up matters of unauthorized constructions.

He said persons who tried to be cardboard heroes should come forward to protest against such unfairness.

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