May 26, 2017

Parents forced to sell tickets for St. Peter’s College march

Parents have been forced to sell tickets worth Rs. 2,000 for a march organized by St. Peter’s College on June 10, according to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror.

School authorities have made it mandatory for each student to sell one ticket book, containing four tickets each.

Also, each class should find a sponsor for a banner priced at Rs. 45,000.

Additionally, principal Fr. Trevor Martin has sent to letters asking every student to make a monetary contribution.

Given below is the letter:

shanthapetar1 1

shanthapetar2 2

When calls were given to the telephone no. mentioned in the letter, every time the phone had been lifted and set aside.

St. Peter’s College is a semi-government school, but the Education Ministry pays the salaries of its teaching staff.

A ministry circular bans the collection of money at schools in any form, including the sale of tickets.