Aug 09, 2022

Bill to revise Budget, tabled in parliament Featured

The amended appropriation Bill under which government expenditure has been revised, was presented to Parliament today.

As per the Bill expenditure heads of president, defence, education and health has been increased.

Accordingly the expenditure has been increased to Rs 3 billion compared to Rs 2.78 billion allocated during the budget 2022, defence allocation has been increased slightly to Rs 375 billion from Rs 373 billion while allocation for health has been increased to Rs 348, o5 billion from Rs 153.5 billion.

Allocation for education has been increased to Rs 200 billion compared to 127.6 billion at the budget 2022.

A massive amount of Rs 682, 728,000, 000 has been allocated for recurrent expenditure for Public administration as per the appropriation account while a sum of Rs 212, 808,260, 000 has been allocated for the Ministry of Public Security.

In addition a sum of Rs 9.3 billion has been allocated for ministry of trade, commerce and food security while a sum of Rs 467, 208,833, 000 has been allocated for Ministry of Finance Economic Stabilization and National Policies and a sum of Rs 138,560, 485,000 has been allocated for agriculture.


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