May 14, 2017

No cabinet meetings until cabinet reshuffle! Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena says he will not hold the weekly meetings of the cabinet until he carries out a cabinet reshuffle as promised to the people, reports.

President Sirisena and prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe have agreed to reshuffle the cabinet after the latter’s tour of China, it says.

SLM broke the news

It was Sri Lanka Mirror that broke the news, on May 07, that the president has decided not to attend cabinet meetings if the PM continues to disagree to carry out a cabinet reshuffle.

The president has told a leading UNP minister, who is also close to the PM, that the cabinet meeting on May 09 would be his last if there was no cabinet reshuffle.

On May 10, SLM also reported that when the cabinet meets next, it will be a reshuffled one.

The issue of a cabinet reshuffle has affected UNP-SLFP relations.

SLFP to leave govt.?

A group of SLFP MPs has told the president that they would function independently from August if the prevailing political trouble was not resolved.

The MoU between the two parties in forming the government expires on August 21, and they have proposed to form a government together with the joint opposition.

President Sirisena strongly rejected that proposal and said the MoU should be reviewed in August.

Some in the UNP want cabinet reshuffle

Meanwhile, several powerful figures in the UNP met the president secretly and asked him to reshuffle the cabinet, according to reports reaching SLM.

They are concerned by the promise he has given to Malik Samarawickrama that the ministries already with the UNP would not be taken over by the SLFP.

They have told the president that Samarawickrama’s intention was to get a person whom he could manipulate, appointed as the finance minister.

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