Aug 04, 2022

Petitions against police decision on GotaGoGama!

Three writ petitions have been submitted to the Court of Appeal against the decision taken to remove the temporary constructions and people at the GotaGoGama in Galle Face.

Three aggrieved persons have filed these petitions requesting to issue an interim order suspending the decision taken by the police.

Police issued a notice yesterday (03) that the unauthorized constructions and crop cultivation at Galle Face and nearby areas should be removed before 05:00 tomorrow (05) evening.

The Fort Police informed that these constructions should be removed before 05 pm tomorrow (05).

Also, in the announcement, the Fort Police has further stated that they should act in accordance with the existing law of the country and in a manner that does not inconvenience the public.

The Fort Police has also stated that legal action would be taken against those who fail to adhere to this advice.