May 14, 2017

A ‘Tamil people genocide remembrance week’ begins in north (video) Featured

Led by the northern provincial council, the north yesterday (13) launched a ‘Tamil people genocide remembrance week’, radiogagana reports.

It began with a lighting of candles at Chemmani in Jaffna, where a mass grave of those said to have been murdered during the Chandrika Kumaratunga regime, is located.

The weeklong activities will end with a remembrance at Mullivaikkal on May 18 to be headed by NCP chief minister C.V. Vigneswaranm, said councilor M.K. Sivajilingam.

Modi denounced

Councilor Anandi Sasidaran denounced Indian prime minister Narendra Modi for being the chief guest at a Vesak festival in Colombo, as thousands of murdered Tamils began to remembered.

The head of state of India that aided genocide came to enjoy himself with the Sri Lankan government at a time when Tamil people remember their dead, she said.

A stone inscription of those killed at Mullivaikkal is presently under construction, adds.