May 13, 2017

Wele Suda responsible for Rangajeewa attack – Navy involved! Featured

Police are suspicious whether underworld criminal currently on death row, Gampola Vidanage Samantha Kumara alias Wele Suda had assisted in the attack targeting Police Narcotics Bureau officer CI Neomal Rangajeewa and several other officers.

He is suspected to have assisted the underworld criminal leader and drug dealer Madush Lakshitha alias Makandure Madush.

Madush known for his attacks based on tactics similar to those of Pottu Amman is suspected by police to have fled the country and is in hiding in Dubai.

It is suspected that Wele Suda had assisted him to flee to Dubai.

Naval personnel among attackers!

A renowned underworld member of the South Navy Ruwan is also said to have participated in the attack, according to information received by the police underworld prevention teams.

Wele Suda was arrested in Pakistan by the ISI on November 13, 2014 and later handed over to the CID. However, it was Rangajeewa’s team that had provided the information that led to the arrest of Wele Suda.

Suda’s earlier attempt

On a previous occasion too Wele Suda’s drug distributor Kudu Lalitha had attempted to assassinate Rangajeewa.

A shooter deployed by Kudu Lalitha to kill Rangajeewa was killed in the shootout. Later Kudu Lalitha too was killed in a shootout when Rangajeewa’s team conducted a raid in Athurugiriya.

Police investigations have revealed that plans were being made by Kudu Lalitha’s wife and another underworld gang member to assassinate Rangajeewa after the death of Kudu Lalitha.

Kudu Lalitha had also devised a plan to obtain the assistance of a police constable, Asela, one of his classmates, who was also a member of the anti-narcotics task force, to gather information on Rangajeewa. However, as the plan was discovered constable Asela had fled to Italy.

Madush had tried to kill a previous police team too!

Makadure Madush had on a previous occasion too tried to hoodwink the police and kill a police team, it was revealed.

He had set a plan by giving the police information on a stock of weapons sent by him, and planning to attack the police.

The plan was to pay a police constable Rs. 200,000 and obtain his mobile phone and using that to get the information on the whereabouts of the police team that had gone to the South to unearth the stock of weapons, and launch an attack on them on their return.

However, the plan had misfired as one of Madush’s spys who had come to check on the police team searching for the weapons had been caught by the police team. Upon interrogation of the spy, he had revealed the connections between the drug dealers and certain police officers.

Suspicions whether tip off was given by police!

Police are also suspicious if Makdure Madush had bribed a member of the anti-narcotics task force and obtained information on Rangajeewa’s operation.

Information has also been uncovered that two officers obtaining bribes from and living in the close proximity of Japan Chuty, the mastermind behind the drug trade, had recently purchased two houses in the Kadawatha area.

Rangajeewa is also responsible for the arrest of not only Wele Suda, but also Kudu Thamil and Sale Wasantha, among others.